Excessive heat, as well as making impossible the slightest daily activities, it can cause serious health problems such as excessive drop in pressure and dehydration. Air conditioning system INPS tre best answer.

The watchword is: air-conditioned.

A multi-split air conditioning is the ideal solution for cooling and heat several rooms, even throughout the house. It consists of multiple indoor units connected to one outdoor unit running in a separate internal elements: each unit is activated and adjusted at will independently of the other and can be chosen different design (the classic wall split , rather than the version on the floor or from the hide inside the false ceiling). Split indoor and outdoor unit are connected by thin lines for the circuit of refrigerant gas and power lines: These can be embedded in the walls or be enclosed in raceways for those who want to avoid masonry work. The outdoor unit must have adequate power to support the simultaneous operation of all internal split, the latter may have different powers and shall be selected in relation to the volume to be cooled, sun exposure, number of windows, and other factors that a good technician knows how to evaluate with experience. Only this can ensure a prolonged and efficient operation of the plant, making sufficient as the only form of simple maintenance checks. A focus on the

THE INVERTER TECHNOLOGY This allows the compressor to modulate their speed and power in relation to the operation requested.

Basically, the air port the environment to the desired temperature and then lowers the “revolutions” of the engine is idling while keeping the temperature constant and consuming the bare minimum. For devices technologically advanced of its kind, the so-called CLASS A / A with R410A ecological gas, it is called minimal consumption of 150-200 watts. / H, therefore comparable to those of two to three common bulbs. In the market there are devices of all kinds and price, but WARNING!
the air conditioners are not absolutely all the same and equal power there is the risk of purchasing one that consumes 5 times as much compared to another.

An important aspect not to be underestimated is the air filtration system: in fact, the filters have the task of retaining the impurities contained in the air neutralizing, while eliminating odors and bacteria responsible for the so-called “pollution homemade” increasingly often responsible of allergies and disorders respiratori.In this way the air is more breathable and “sparkling”, similar to that of the mountain.

Absolutely in the foreground DRY: if the humidity level is low, the body has a more correct sweating and you will not have the feeling of hot sticky and also dehydration of the skin.

The air conditioning in the heat pump are now used in place of the more conventional heating systems in

Italy and the tendency ‘to assisting them to other systems by solving two problems: the excessive summer heat and the harsh winter cold.
Furthermore, the heat pumps are not subject to any limitation as regards the ignition period, in contrast to the conventional heating system with radiators.
This ‘is an advantage especially in spring and autumn, when, and’ need to dehumidify the environment or warm slightly before the deadline allowed by law for the ignition of the centralized system, the heat pump does not have this limitation, as it works with energy electricity.
The heat pumps are able to create an ideal climate not only in terms of temperature, but also by acting on other conditions such as air humidity and its purity.

We touched on energy savings and the ability to create the right amount of moisture, but not all of these models are also some real air purifiers: enabling an exceptional air treatment thus making it pure and healthy environments in which we live.
This unique and complete system of filtration ensures a number of important benefits: it catches the dust and pet hair, removes odors from the environment (tobacco, waste products of combustion) eliminates bacteria (pollen, mold, viruses).